First Ever Craft Workshop - Red Deer AB
Submitted: Jul 6, 2010
By Irma Hartley

(Photo: Jeanie Spratt with Gifts of the Spirit Salad)

(Photo: Bob Spratt and a Big Set of Horns)

An exciting, first time event, a Craft Workshop, took place on the weekend of May 7-9, 2010. Jeanie Spratt, a professional artist, with the aid of her biologist husband, Bob, were the inspiring teachers. There were 18 eager ‘learners’ of which 3 were male, and we had the most fun listening to the stories being told as if we were the children, and then actually doing the craft that would go along with the story.

All of these crafts and stories are of Jeanie and Bob’s personal design and they were centered around Bible stories or real things from nature. Jeanie gave us such good ideas of how to deal with festive holidays, especially the more controversial ones like Halloween and how to turn it into a Praise to God instead. Although it was a really small group, it really worked best this way. Jeanie had carefully prepared a sample of each craft so that we could know exactly what the finished product should look like. The atmosphere was comfortable and jovial and much fun was had by all, with everyone being excited about a possible follow-up some time in the future.