Mamawi Atosketan Native School
February 22, 2016

Who We Are 

Established in 2003 to serve the four bands of the Maskwacis Cree Nation between Wetaskiwin and Ponoka, Mamawi Atosketan Native School (MANS) is a successful, NAD-accredited Seventh-day Adventist school. We're a violence-free learning community that integrates proven practices of physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being into each day in a distinctly Cree environment.

Mamawi Atosketanwhich means "Working Together" in Creehas become a living reality for our school families. Mutual respect, coupled with innovative thinking and an attitude of partnership, has produced a new generation of parents and students engaged in the day-to-day process of education. Parents see the changes in the lives of their children: they see learners who feel safe, who grow in confidence, who are eager to get to school and enthusiastic about what happens there. 

MANS is dedicated to providing an excellent Seventh-day Adventist academic program that respects and responds to each student’s cultural and academic needs within a safe and caring Christian environment, while providing opportunities for each student to grow in God’s love.
“I want a good future, and Mamawi Atosketan really gives me that hope.”
–Krista, MANS student