2012 Personal Ministries Retreat Audio Downloads
March 22, 2016
Audio of all the main talks from the 2012 Personal Ministries retreat
Podcast link of all Presentations

Personal Ministries Retreat 2012 Podcast Link http://www.albertaadventist.ca/podcastlist.php?channel=9
Title Speaker
Sermon Prep 02 Bruce Boyd
Sermon Prep 01 Bruce Boyd
Prison Ministry 02 Oliver Johnson
Prison Ministry 01 Oliver Johnson
Muslim Ministries 02 Rudy Harnish
Muslim Ministries 01 Rudy Harnish
Media Tools Troy McQueen
Immigrant Ministry 02 Terri Sailee
Immigrant Ministry 01 Terri Sailee
The Importance of the Heath Message Darlene Blaney
Health Ministries Darlene Blaney
Bible Studies George Ali
Reaching the Children of the East Rudy Harnish
The Blessing of First Nations Ministry Ed Dunn
Our Mission Terri Sailee
Reaching the Next 1 Billion Troy McQueen
The Blessing of Prison Ministries Oliver Johnson