Wills Now




Community Concern 


The Conference commends the community concern and generosity demonstrated by the participating lawyers in forgoing their usual income to help extend this ministry at this unprecedented time. 

Please call Planned Giving/Philanthropy director Lynn McDowell at (403) 342-5044 x 233 for information and appointments. 


Getting Started: Wills Now Basics  


  1. Call Lynn McDowell* at (403) 342-5044 x 233. 
  2. Review the Wills Checklist of essential items to consider (link below). 
  3. Fill out the Personal Information Fillable Form (link below). This form, and the Wills Checklist, contain the information that will be required in your will.   
  4. The “Wills” link (also below) has several other useful resources including Wills for Changing Lives, a summary of general information regarding wills and associated documents in Alberta. 
  5. A link to the March 19, 2020 Globe and Mail story about what lawyers across Canada are experiencing and advising at this time is also posted. Please note that the Globe and Mail story includes Ontario terms, some of which differ from terms used in Alberta. 

*Evenings, please email  lmcdowell@albertaadventist.ca and include your phone number as well as best times to call.