Dreams Come True in Yellowknife

Submitted: Mar 16, 2010

Photo (Left to Right): Christian Rolfo, Mikelle Wile, Beth Dahr helping Dettah Students with reading program.


(March 16, 2010) What are you willing to let God do with your talents, treasure and time? On September 19, 2009, God invited the Yellowknife Seventh-day Adventist Church on an adventure to discover how God can use what he gives us to help make dreams come true.


Based on the Kingdom Assignment model, the Dreams Come True series had three assignments. The first assignment was an invitation to accept a talent - $100 - and use it to make dreams come true. In all, ten talents - $1000 - was given out. The second assignment was to ask God to reveal a treasure in our lives that could be sold with all funds going directly to help the poor in Yellowknife. Over $1000 was raised to help the poor. The third assignment asked us to give our time in service to the least of God’s children in or community.


Each person who accepted an assignment was to report back at the Dreams Come True celebration that was held on December 19. Some of the highlights were:

  • A family used their talent purchased a bread machine and bread supplies and donated it to the new drop in day shelter so the clients of the shelter would be welcomed with fresh bread in the morning.
  • A member used her talent to provide a lunch for about 100 students at a school in the Philippines and then committed to supporting that lunch on a monthly basis.
  • A member used her talent to bake spring rolls that another member sold a work raising almost $500 which. The two members then purchased gifts and food for two children who had just lost their mom to suicide.
  • Several youth assisted elementary students with their reading program.
  • The youth have taken on weekly food basket deliveries in cooperation with a local ministry called Food Rescue.

The impact of the three assignments is still being felt six months since the series later. While some assignments helped with an immediate need, such as a winter coat and boots for a child, others developed long term relationships involving ongoing service and friendship.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been serving the Yellowknife community for over 30 years and is delighted to be sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with the people of Yellowknife. The church can be found on the web at http://www.yksda.org.


Pastor Brad Dahr