Saved by the Blood in Yellowknife

There’s power in the blood, so the song goes. How long do you sing about it before you do something about it? On Sabbath, May 29, 2010, the Yellowknife Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated the gift of Jesus’ blood by registering in the One Match Network.


Through building connections in the community, the church became aware of the Yellowknife Fire Department’s participation in the OneMatch registration drive during the recent EMS week. Pastor Brad Dahr invited Deputy Fire Chief Gerda Groothuizen to present the OneMatch program to the church and register volunteers. Following the service, many members completed the registration. Ms. Groothuizen expressed sincere gratitude and was especially delighted to see a wide range of ethnic groups volunteering as the network is desperate for Asian donors.


OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network is responsible for finding and matching volunteer donors for patients who require stem cell transplants. Fewer than 30 per cent of patients who need stem cell transplants find a compatible donor within their own families. The rest rely on those who have volunteered to donate stem cells to anyone in need. A variety of diseases and disorders are treated with stem cell transplants including blood-related diseases such as leukemia, aplastic anemia and inherited immune system and metabolic disorders. OneMatch maintains a database of tissue typing results of all Canadian prospective donors. Whenever a patient requires a stem cell transplant, OneMatch is able to search this database to identify potential matching donors. OneMatch is also a member of an international network of registries, we can also search more than 11 million donors on over 50 registries in other countries. By agreeing to make their donor data available worldwide, international registries have significantly increased the odds of being able to find a matching donor for any patient, anywhere in the world. More information can be found at under One Match.


The Seventh-day Adventist church has been serving the Yellowknife community for over 30 years and is delighted to be sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with the people of Yellowknife. The church can be found on the web at