Interac e-Transfer

How to make Interac e-Transfers to Alberta Conference

  1. Please fill in the registration form below before each e-Transfer.  Be sure to fill out all the requested information accurately, and completely.

  2. Login to your bank and initiate Interact e-Transfer. 

  3. Enter name: Alberta Adventist Conference.

  4. Send to Email:

  5. In the Interac e-Transfer MESSAGE box, please specify for what purpose the donation is being made.


Peace River Church Fire Donation Instructions:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above, accurately and completely.
  2. Include with your e-Transfer MESSAGE: "For Peace River SDA Church in response to fire tragedy."


e-Transfer Registration Form

PLEASE NOTE: This is REQUIRED.  If you do not register,  we will be unable to issue a tax receipt for any donations made and may be unable to apply funds to the intended destination, as e-Transfers do not include information beyond your name.  


*Required fields.