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Celebrating Our History


Within the Seventh-day Adventist Church family, the vibrant fibres of Black history illuminate the fabric of our faith, embodying the tenacity and zeal of a people steadfast in God's love. This arduous yet triumphant voyage is imbued with the resonant presence of grace and a resolute dedication to the gospel.


Central to this narrative are the trailblazers, who were early African American Adventists and whose resolute faith set the stage for subsequent generations. Pioneers such as Charles M. Kinney, who became the first ordained African American Adventist minister after being baptised by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Rich in the fruits of conversion and community development, his ministry laid the groundwork for the spiritual and diverse expansion of the church.


We commemorate the valour exhibited by Anna Knight, whose narrative serves as a beacon of motivation. She rose to prominence as a nurse, missionary to India, and educator after being born into servitude; in doing so, she exemplified the Adventist commitment to service and health. It serves as a timeless testament that the blossoms of God's purpose can emerge from the most profound depths of oppression.


While contemplating these historic routes, it is crucial to bear in mind the thriving communities that emerged in both urban and rural regions, where the message of the gospel reverberated harmoniously with the patterns of cultural legacy. These congregations evolved into havens of optimism, where the spiritual rejuvenation and empowering worship experience of a unique cultural tapestry interweaves with the observance of the Sabbath.


By commemorating African American history within our congregation, we pay homage to a heritage characterised by devotion, fortitude, and camaraderie. The historical record is one of not only perseverance but also prosperity at the hands of God's favour, serving as evidence of the indomitable spirit that He cherished for His own. In an effort to cultivate a future in which our diversity remains a source of strength and we remain united in our shared faith and mission, let us perpetuate this legacy.

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