Help Desk

After signing in to your account for the first time, add your email account to your device.

See FAQ below to get started




How do I log in to my email account?

     Please visit and click Sign-in


How do I add my email account to my device?

     Android: Set up email in Android email app

     iOS: Set up an Outlook account in the iOS Mail app

     Windows: Set up email in the Mail app


Where do I get the Office/Outlook apps?

     Android: Set up Office apps and email on Android

     iOS: Set up the Office app and Outlook on iOS devices

     Windows: Sign-in at, then click Install Office in the top-right corner


I accepted an invitation to a meeting.  How do I join the meeting?

     Once a meeting is Accepted, the meeting is added to your Calendar.  Open your calendar, select the Meeting, and click the link to join.



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