Thank you for visiting the Alberta Conference of Seventh-day Adventists website. We are the administrative body for 85 Adventist congregations (serving over 12,000 members), 10 elementary schools, a bookstore, and a camp in Alberta, Canada.  We hope you find this site helpful in connecting with us through one of the ministries or services we offer...




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Town Hall Meetings-Alberta Conference

Details about the 2019-2020 Town Hall Meetings for Alberta Conference starting September 12, 2019 at Calgary Central SDA Church...

SABBATH, JULY 20 TODAY PAPER-Camp Meeting 2019

Sabbath, July 20 Issue of the Today Paper for Alberta Camp Meeting 2019. Access all previous issues in the article as well...

Where to Get Audio & Video Recordings of Alberta Camp Meeting 2019

You can download improved versions of Alberta Camp Meeting 2019: Encounters With Jesus live session video recordings after Camp Meeting is completed.

Edmonton Regional Prayer Meeting (June 23)

Edmonton members are invited to UNITED on Sunday June 23 from 10 am to 12 pm at Edmonton West Church. Come out to pray for our churches, our city, our communities, our outreach, our triumphs, and our trials!

Workbee At Foothills Camp (June 13-17)

SAGE is sponsoring a Workbee at Foothills Camp from June 13 – 17 and anyone who can come for all or part of the time would be most welcome. The list of projects needing attention include...

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