New Alberta Conference Annuity

Announcing the new Alberta Conference Gift Annuity: become a partner in sharing God's love in Alberta.


When you purchase an Alberta Conference Gift Annuity you receive regular payments for life. If the total amount invested is not required to make these payments, the balance becomes a gift to the Alberta Conference. 


You may designate a project or ministry of the Conference that you would like to strengthen, or you may wish to leave it open to be used where most needed. 


Our Gift Annuity Offers You:

  • Security
  • Freedom from investment stress
  • Tax free income guaranteed for life
  • Peace of mind
  • Continued support for your Church in Alberta

To learn more: NEW Alberta Conference Gift Annuity



Celebrating Planned Giving as a Way of Life: Clouten Family (PDF/Print) (Video link)

Alberta Adventists Ngaire and Keith Clouten operated Boomerang Tours for 25 years. Find out how Ngaire and Keith turned contingency money from their company into a planned gift for the Alberta Conference.



Call Lynn McDowell for more information at (403) 342-5044, ext. 233.