New Alberta Conference Annuity





In Times of Economic Uncertainty

Alberta Conference Charitable Gift Annuities

The Only Adventist-Controlled Annuity Recognized By Canada Revenue Agency


The Annuity Provides:

  • Guaranteed Stable Income for Life

  • Immediate Charitable Tax Receipt

  • Donor Wall Recognition in Mamawi Atosketan Centre, if desired

  • Multiplier Effect Option to Increase Monthly Income

  • Support for the Adventist Church in Alberta

If you’re 65+ and have $15,000+ you’d like to eventually invest in any aspect of God’s work in Alberta, you could receive income equivalent to better than market rates.


The Alberta Conference is one of a few organizations licensed to offer charitable gift annuities in Canada. It is the only organization offering Adventist- controlled annuities that is recognized by Canada Revenue Agency.


Frequently Asked Questions: A Guaranteed Life Income



Celebrating Planned Giving as a Way of Life: Clouten Family (PDF/Print) (Video link)

Alberta Adventists Ngaire and Keith Clouten operated Boomerang Tours for 25 years. Find out how Ngaire and Keith turned contingency money from their company into a planned gift for the Alberta Conference.



Call Lynn McDowell for more information at (403) 342-5044, ext. 233.