Wills @ Camp: This summer, the Alberta Conference saves you time and money on legal fees for Wills. Wills @ Camp is a ministry of the Alberta Conference that started in 2013 and puts a lawyer-drafter Will within reach of every Alberta Adventist at no cost.


2 easy ways to make your August appointments NOW (one for instructions, one for signing):


Email: jnickel@albertaadventist.ca

Phone: 403-342-5044 x 226





Wills @ Camp: A Family Affair & Ministry (PDF/Print) (Video link)

In this video, Reuben and Kathy Lorenson and Michelle Klatt speak about their experiences creating Wills through Wills @ Camp and what this unique ministry means to them.



Will Planning Checklist - Things to include, things to leave out

Will Organization Checklist - What you should put in a Will

Good Will Matters - Your Will—the final statement of your faith and commitment—does not need to be complicated or costly

Wills for Changing Lives - A simple way to strengthen God's work. Get your questions about Wills answered, and learn other useful information on planning for your future needs and gifts 

Supporting the Alberta Church Family & Its Outreach: Gift Areas to Consider - Is there some part of the Alberta Church's ministry that's close to your heart? A gift to the Conference can be general or to further a specific ministry or project 

Statement of Faith - These optional Christian statements can be included at the beginning of your Will as a final statement of your faith and commitment. A statement of faith allows you to proclaim that for you, God is always part of the education.

Your Digital Estate - There's one key facet of 21st century estate planning that many people overlook: a digital estate plan