Keith Richter

Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

(587) 815-8778

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Solomon Agdon

Associate Treasurer

(587) 815-5981

Email Solomon



Areli Trejo

Student Worker

(587) 815-8276

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Penny Marcinyk

Administrative Assistant (Treasury), Foothills Camp/Camp Meeting

(587) 815-6226

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Angel Marsdin

Student Account Manager

(587) 819-0628

Email Angel



Stephanie Ferguson

Accounts Payable/Accountant

(587) 815-8771

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Becky Masson

Payroll Administrator/Accountant

(587) 815-8774

Email Becky



Corene Glover

Associate Treasurer-Education

(587) 815-5978

Email Corene



Nanette Quines

Assistant Treasurer

(587) 815-8770

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For Vendors

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For Employees

Payroll & Benefits

Church Employee Benefit Plan  Website

Payroll Codes (PDF)  Updated Feb 7, 2022

Moving Expense Form (DOTX) Updated May 9, 2022
Office Expense Form Updated Feb 7, 2023


Treasury Newsletter

2023 April Edition

2023 May Edition


For Church Treasurers

GST Rebate Claim Instructions


Online Worker's Report/Timecard (updated Dec 12, 2022)


Workers Reports & Reimbursements

2023 Worker's Activity Report (XLSX) Updated Feb 8, 2023

2022 Worker's Report (XLSX) Updated Dec 20, 2021

Missing Receipt Affidavit (PDF)​​​​​​​  Updated 2016



For Churches & Schools


North American Division Accounting Resources  Website

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Donated Goods

Donated Goods for Charitable Receipt (XLSX)  Updated Oct 21, 2019


Evangelism Reporting

Evangelism Expense Report (XLTX)  Updated Oct 31, 2017


Lease/Rental Agreements

Facility Use Agreement  Updated Oct 21, 2019


New Projects

AB Project Guildines for New Church Construction (DOCX)  Update Oct 21, 2019

AB Need Assessment Worksheet for Church Building (DOCX)  Updated Oct 21, 2019


Revolving Fund 

Revolving Fund Deposit Application

Revolving Fund Loan Application for Churches (XLSX)  Updated Sep 11, 2022

Revolving Fund Load Application for Schools and Health Care Institutions (XLSX)  Updated Sep 11, 2022


Risk Management

Adventist Risk Management  Website