Maskwacis Movies


From the moment he wakes up, every day in Pastor Tsholo's Maskwacis ministry is an adventure.

Sometimes he's a soccer camp organizer at Ermineskin Arena with Kokums cheering on their grandkids and making lunch on the sidelines. Sometimes he's learning the ukulele alongside elementary kids at MANS. Whatever it is, this pastor isn't flying "solo" - even if that's how you say his name.


Always engaging with kids and community, catch the adventures of Tsholo and his Maskwacis Congregation friends in minute-or-less videos from the Res next door.


Some Recent Videos


Summer Youth Team 2022—Team with a Difference (Aiyana Potts)

Eyewitness Outcomes—MANS Young Leaders Program (Persis)

Toward Truth & Reconciliation (Sabbath speaker Trevor Boller)


Week of Courage 2022 (Special Feature)






Tsholo Report Episodes June to December 2022




Inspired Leaders Series at MANS (6 Video Playlist)


Pastor Tsholo invites Indigenous and other leaders into MANS to speak and inspire.




Patrick of Maskwacis: Lending a Hand (2 Video Playlist)




September - Orange Shirt 20 Push-Up Challenge (7 Video Playlist)




July - August 2021 Soccer & Family Camps (7 Video Playlist)