CUC - Serve Lacombe Day 2009





With rakes, hoes, and paintbrushes, with smiles and sweat, more than 210 Canadian University College (CUC) students, staff, and faculty devoted the afternoon of September 23, 2009, to community service. On one of the hottest days of the season, teams pruned and weeded at the Lacombe Hospital, sang at Heartland Manor, wielded paint brushes at the Clive Neighborhood Place, cleaned windows at the Lacombe Daycare, interacted with students in local schools, upgraded trails along Lake Elizabeth—and participated in a dozen other projects.

Student Fae Armitstead comments, “It was a nice change of pace to spend a day working together.” Cari Astleford agrees: “ Not only did we get to have fun working with friends, we also spent time helping others.” Melissa Huether adds, “Helping clear a trail at J.J. Collette was a great experience. My husband and I use the trails there all the time—I can’t wait to go for a hike on the trail we helped make!” Education major Daphne Bell comments, “Service Day allowed me to interact with students in the schools and gave me good experience for my future career.”

Not only did the CUC family enjoy Serve Lacombe day; people in the community were grateful for the assistance they received. One woman expressed her thanks for the “conscientious, hard working, happy” students who helped paint her patio; another commented on the “wonderful hard working” group who did “amazing work” in Clive.

On September 23, the spirit of serving and sharing invigorated the community and the Hilltop.

- Denise Herr