Lacombe Food Drive October 2009



Bright orange paper notes had been stuck on fresh PC plastic shopping bags reminding Lacombe occupants to put their food donations in the bag for the annual Lacombe Food Bank Drive on October 31. They were asked to leave the bags outside on their doorstep for pick-up. The College Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church Earliteens, Junior Bible School members, with help from the Parkland Pathfinder club, are to be thanked for this big job. The bags were distributed around the neighbourhoods by CHCS students in Grades 3-9, PAA Religious Studies class, and young people from the Lacombe Bethel Christian Reform Church.

Saturday afternoon was a fulfilling time for those helping in the job of collecting the bags. Thanks goes to the many, both young and old, who came out to help and to those who drove cars, vans, and trucks to put the heavy bags in. After unloading the goods from the vehicles at the Lacombe Food Bank, the workers were treated to Pizza which local shops and businessmen had donated for the occasion. The Lacombe community is to be thanked for its generosity.

At the Lacombe Food Bank, willing hands took the bags in and filled the store room and part of the stockroom with the goods. A rough count of the bags brought in came to 1,260, but more will come in as not all bags were left on the outside doorsteps. At the time of this writing an estimated 13,000 lbs. of food was collected.

The food donated will be sorted and put on shelves. What there is not room for on the shelves now will be stored in crates and boxes and will be shelved as needed. The local stores give weekly contributions and the food collected in this annual drive will help swell the stock of food for distribution. It is shared with those who come to the food bank needing help and is very much appreciated.

Anne Bissell