All Aboard for a High Seas Expedition in Yellowknife



It was intense. It was exhausting. It was the most amazing God-breathed week ever! That’s how the Yellowknife church experienced their presentation of the High Seas Expedition Vacation Bible School that ran daily from July 5 to July 9.

Putting on a VBS is always a fun way to share the Good News about Jesus. As the decorations and backgrounds are set up, a humble gym becomes a large sailboat on the ocean. Simple rooms become prison cells from which Peter was released from and islands where Paul was bit by a snake. What a blessing it is to watch dozens of young people come into this adventure and learn about Jesus. This year was made special by the following highlights:

  • The church had the opportunity to share Jesus with over 70 children each day. Almost all of these children were from outside the church.
  • Almost two dozen children asked for a Bible to take home.
  • Our crew leaders consisted of awesome young people from our church and the community (about 50-50).
  • Several older participants asked to be crew leaders next year. It’s exciting to have even more opportunities to share Jesus and to see the community engaging in our mission.

One of the key differences with this year’s VBS is the intentional follow up by the VBS Planning Team and Outreach Team. This follow up will include regular mailouts - offers and invites to upcoming events. Keeping in touch with crew leaders will also be a priority with reunions planned for fall and spring.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been serving the Yellowknife community for over 30 years and is delighted to be sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with the people of Yellowknife. The church can be found on the web at