Bible Study is Popular in Blackfalds, AB

In the spring of 2008, several young people decided that they would try to visibly show their faith in the town of Blackfalds by holding Bible studies in public places. The first of these Bible studies took place at Subway. It became a hit, especially for the Canadian University College dorm students who enjoyed the time away from the dorm and the cafeteria. Because of the popularity of this study, it was decided that it should split, and the hunt for another location began.


After looking around, it was discovered that there was a library located in Blackfalds. With a quick phone call to ask if it would be possible to come and do a Bible study there on Wednesday evenings, the location was decided and the study began the next Wednesday. When entering the library, the atmosphere was very pleasant and welcoming. With joy, these few people were welcomed by the librarians and quickly informed that this library was not like most and there was no need to be very quiet. The group gathered around the fireplace in the comfy chairs and opened their Bibles to study.


Since that joy-filled day, the group has met every Wednesday evening in those same comfy chairs by the fireplace. However, things have changed since that humble beginning. No longer is it just a group of three or four people meeting, but it has grown to be fifteen to twenty people! And amongst these are not only Blackfalds church members and young people from CUC but also community members, one of which has been coming since the spring of 2008! God has blessed greatly through this study in the friendships that have been made with the librarians and community members who attend. We continue to pray for God’s guidance in the library study and with the relationships that are being built through this ministry.