Bible Workers Spread Love in the Town of Peers



Peers Seventh-day Adventist Company bid farewell to their Bible workers Egbert and Keishauni George on January 30, 2010, and wished them Gods’ blessings on their new post in Whitecourt.


Egbert and Keishauni were energetic, dedicated Bible workers. As a team they blanketed the town of Peers and surrounding areas with literature, prayed with people in their homes, broke down barriers of ignorance about what Seventh-day Adventists believe, conducted Bible studies, saw one of their contacts baptized, her baby dedicated,and brought new life to the Peers Company. With the help of their ministry, the church conducted a Kids club, a Five-day Plan to Stop Smoking, a Health Seminar with Darlene Blaney, and now the group has an ongoing commitment to a Seniors Lodge monthly ministry.


Not bad for only nine months of working in the area.


Peers is a small company in a town located about two hours west of Edmonton and forty-five minutes south of Whitecourt. We are always looking for dedicated ministry-minded persons to move to the area and help this small group continue to share the Gospel in this area. The Georges made many contacts for follow up Bible studies so we desperately need more help. Anyone wishing to relocate to a rural area to help in the ministry of a small but active church company will be more than welcome.