Fort McMurray Begins "Healthy Living Club"



The Fort McMurray Seventh-day Adventist Church began their 2010 "Healthy Living Club" season with another 'Healthy Choices" workshop with Darlene Blaney. This is the third time Darlene has been to Fort McMurray to run a successful workshop. Approximately 40 church members and guests from the community were in attendance. The presentation and cooking demonstrations were excellent, and the food samples were delicious as always.


A 'Healthy Living Club' workshop is scheduled for every 6 weeks throughout the year, along with our ongoing Prophecy seminars and other community outreach programs being planned. Our next Healthy Choice workshop and Prophecy seminar is scheduled for April 16.


God is richly blessing the Ft McMurray's church. We are almost at capacity attendance of about 100.


Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


Pastor Darrell Beaudoin