Keith Samuels Becomes New Assistant/Youth Pastor in Calgary



Keith & Mishka Samuels being introduced by Bob Holdal at the Calgary Bridgeland Seventh-day Adventist Church, January 16, 2010.

There were shouts of praise and rejoicing by the Calgary Bridgeland Seventh-day Adventist Church, Saturday morning, January 16, 2010, as Bob Holdal, Vice President for Finance of the Alberta Conference, introduced Keith and Mishka Samuels. Keith has fulfilled their dreams and need for an assistant / youth pastor. He will also be providing pastoral services to the small but growing Remnant Seventh-day Adventist Company. At present, Keith is finishing his degree in Religious Studies from Canadian University College in Lacombe AB and is looking forward to being involved in the ministry of the local church. His wife, Mishka Emanuel Samuels, is currently a teacher at College Heights Christian School also in Lacombe, AB. We welcome Pastor and Mrs. Keith Samuels to the pastoral team of the Alberta Seventh-day Adventist Conference.