Message of Hope in Radisson Heights Calgary

The Calgary Remnant Company and the Pilgrims for Jesus Bible study group embarked on an effort to bring the message of Hope to the families of the Radisson Heights Community in South East Calgary.


Though few in numbers, we stepped out in faith. We were faced with many challenges, but thanks to God, the prayer warriors were on guard. We had people praying in Toronto, Grenada, at the Alberta Conference office and also here in Calgary.


The project started with a concert reaching out for Aid to Haiti and Chile’s Earthquake victims. The blessings of the Lord has been numerous throughout this venture. Kevin Smith, a singer from Maryland, Devon Powell, Dalton Francis, Sparkles of the Gospel and other local talents volunteered their services for this concert.


Pastor Joseph Bulgin from the Ruth Adventist Church in Ontario delivered the messages of hope. Night after night he delivered compelling messages that pierced hearts and changed lives.


We were also blessed to have the company of Pastor Dreamell Grant, who gave up his vacation to come and help us in the field as a Bible worker.


The tremendous efforts of these two pastors and other volunteers yielded great success for the “Hope for the Family Seminar.” Twenty-one people committed their lives to the Lord. Seventeen baptisms and four members were admitted by profession of faith, with four more baptisms to follow.


All honor and glory to God for His continued blessings. The Calgary Remnant Company has now grown to fifty-nine members, and the Pilgrims for Jesus gained many interests for Bible Study.


We had a joyous time throughout this series which was brought to a resounding climax with a splendid display of talents featuring West Edmonton’s own Miguel Brown and other local talents.


Special thanks to Elder Al Graca and Evangelist Fay Mullings for their leadership and hard work as coordinators for the seminars.


The Calgary Remnant Company and Pilgrims for Jesus extent sincere thanks to everyone for their efforts and prayers, and to all the volunteers, visitors and friends who attended the seminars.


We pray that the Lord will continue to use us in a mighty way. May God continue to bless us all in our various ministries.


Submitted by: Delores McKenzie