Praise God for Late Night Baptisms

Pastor Julio Morales received a phone call from Estaban Montes de Oca at 8:45 PM on Monday, April 12, requesting baptism. Estaban had been worshiping in the Edmonton Spanish church for the past year and was to leave town at 2:00 AM Tuesday, April 13, to go to Saskatoon, SK, for a month of work.

The Lord had touched his heart and called him to be baptized and Estaban was not hesitant to respond in the most precious way. So... the baptism took place at the Edmonton Spanish church at 10:30 PM! The water was CCCCCOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD! There were some 20 people witnessing this awesome event. Three of his co-workers and one brother of his responded to the call at the end of the baptism.

A baptism at 10:30 PM was no surprise for Pastor Morales. Last year he had a baptism at 1:30 AM. It too was rewarding.

Praise God for late-night baptisms!