AAN Article Submit


There are two parts required for submission.  Part 1 is the information about your submission.  Part 2 is the submission of files for your article and photos.  Please complete each section below.

Your word document article has to have the following: 

  1. Title 
  2. Deck (little description of what the article is about) 
  3. Copy (in a Word document preferably)
  4. Byline (name of the person who sent or wrote the article) 

Note: Your article will be reviewed and edited according to Alberta Adventist News Editorial guidelines.


To submit photos:

  1. Only high-resolution pictures (JPGS, TIFFS, PNGS), no less than 300 dpi resolution and at least 2 megabytes in size are accepted.  To review the size, go to the photo properties info and the size will appear as per example: 2mb or 150kb. The files that are under 2mb or 2000kb, are TOO SMALL for our printing purposes and will not be accepted.  
  2. Absolutely NO photos pasted in a Word document. They don't work well for printing in magazines.
  3. If you have a paper photo or an old photo to submit, send a scanned image at 300dpi or 600dpi  resolution. You can also send a hard copy or your original photo (this actually works better). 
  4. Please write a cutline or description so we can identify the people in the photo, the site or event. 
  5. If necessary send the credit of the photographer.  
  6. Permission to use the photo. Fill out form attached. Sign it, scan it and upload to your photo batch.

 Download RELEASE FORM Here