Alberta Camp Meeting 2022 (In-Person)



Dear beloved members of the Alberta Conference.


On Tuesday February 15, 2022, the Executive Committee (EXCOM) took the following action:


 EX-2022-16     CAMP MEETING 2022 - REVISITED


          Whereas at the EXCOM Meeting on January 23, 2022, it                 was voted that the AB Conference 2022 Camp Meeting would             be virtual, and


              Whereas  the Alberta Government has started to lift all COVID 19 protocols and mandates beginning March 1, 2022, it was


              VOTED that the AB Conference 2022 Camp Meeting (July 15 – 23, 2022) be in person


This means a full in-person gathering with virtual support for those who cannot or choose not to attend in person.


May God continue to richly bless and protect you and your families as we venture forward in faith.