Get to know Dennalia Fray, new Pastor/Teacher at PAA


We Warmly Welcome Pastor Dennalia Fray!


Dennalia Fray is our new School Pastor at Parkview Adventist Academy in Lacombe.  She recently graduated from Burman University, where she served the past two year as Student Chaplain. At PAA Denalia will be both School Pastor and Teacher.


Dennalia was born in Mandeville, Jamaica to Selburn and Sanisa Fray.  (Her father, Selburn, is a Pastor in the Ontario Conference.)  In addition to the time she has spent in Jamaica and Alberta, Dennalia has also lived in England and Ontario. Dennalia says the relationship she enjoys with her parents has deeply informed the way she serves, loves others and understands the Bible.


Dennalia likes puzzles (2D, 3D, Rebus) and riddles that get her mind thinking.  She is passionate about creating safe spaces for people to be their most authentic selves. She loves speaking positively to others to help them view themselves better. She’s passionate about public speaking and cultivating a deeper love for the Bible.  Dennalia also loves to sing.  She enjoys board games, card games and group game nights.


Dennalia aspires to share God’s Word passionately and authentically around the world.  She desires to create meaningful workshops for youth to create an intentional and Biblical foundation for their self-esteem. Dennalia deeply values sitting with Jesus and learning to love like He does.