Pathfinder Bible Experience 2024 - North American Division Finals


Pathfinder Bible Experience 2024


Congratulations to the Bible Walruses Team from Calgary Central, Crusaders Pathfinder Club, for achieving 1st place at the NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience Finals held on April 20, 2024, in Greeley, Colorado. This achievement reflects their dedication to studying the Word of God and their commitment to excellence in understanding and memorizing its teachings.

The Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) is not just a competition, it's a transformative journey for young individuals to deepen their understanding of Scripture. With its structured approach, participants delve into the Bible by memorizing significant portions and engaging with commentary to enrich their comprehension. The progression through Area, Conference, Union, and Division levels underscores the significance of this journey and the dedication required to reach the highest point of success.

The Bible, as the ultimate source of wisdom and character-building is what this generations needs to have a strong life foundation.  The commitment shown by the children, families, and club leaders is commendable, and we hope their journey inspires more teams to participate. For those ready to embark on the Pathfinder Bible Experience 2025, the journey promises not just patches, pins, shirts, and hoodies but profound spiritual and personal growth, a sense of community, and the lasting connections forged in this incredible journey.

Pathfinders Fundraise for the Believe the Promise International Camporee – Gillette 2024!

The Pathfinders are gearing up to fundraise for the Believe the Promise International Camporee. This is the final chance to financially support the young participants on this extraordinary event. Here's how you can get involved:


  • Tag Day: On Sunday, July 14th, Pathfinders will be tagging you with stickers or buttons in exchange for loose change (or even bills