The Hopeful — An Adventist Movie You Can Host!








This week completed the theatrical run of The Hopeful in U.S. theaters, now opening the ability to host a screening at any church, school, etc. across the U.S. and Canada! Through the Faith Content Network (FCN), churches, schools, community centers, and other venues with a minimum of 10 attendees can host a screening of "The Hopeful" at no cost, with attendees purchasing tickets priced at $11 USD for adults and $9 USD for children 12 and under. Hosts can also offer discounted tickets to members or the community. The film will not be immediately available on DVD or streaming platforms, allowing local organizations to exclusively host screenings as community outreach events. Streaming release details will be announced later this year.
Need a fundraising event? Your group can also sell popcorn, snacks, beverages, etc., to raise funds for your Pathfinder/Boy & Girl Scouts club, youth group, mission trip, or other cause. If fewer than 10 people sign up, the event will not be held, and no one will be charged; meaning no risk involved for any group. Are you outside of North America and this message was forwarded to you? You can still sign up to host a screening and become notified when it’s available in your territory. Stay tuned to this newsletter to learn when additional languages become ready as they are translated.


Was your group unable to catch the nationwide release but you still want the cinema experience? Good news! Group bookings are still available for the next 30 days. Reserve group bookings for your entire church or youth group, Rotary Club, university, school, etc. All you have to do is add your zip code, they'll find the closest location for you and negotiate group discounts if possible (varies by theater ownership). Bring your friends, family, or co-workers for an unforgettable event and experience this inspiring film. Give the gift of hope to your community today!