From left: Stacy Kindopp, Christine Wollman, Alex Rodriguez, Shawn Boonstra, and Paul Antunes


Revelation Speaks Prophecy Series
Calgary Alberta
April/May 2023

After several years of planning between the VOP and the Calgary Ministerium, much prayer, training, outreach events and meetings, the Voice of Prophecy team arrived in Canada the beginning of April 2023 to commence the Revelation Speaks Peace Meetings with an Archeology Seminar five days prior with speaker Tony Moore. The Archeology Seminar was a great success with over 900 people the first night and several who transition into the RSP meetings.  
The Revelation Speaks Peace meetings officially started on April 14, 2023, at the WinSport Arena in Calgary and went five nights a week and the two final Sabbath mornings until May 13, 2023. The meetings had approx. 400-500 nightly visitors, with weekend crowds swelling to just over a thousand people. The guests were very touched, and some commented that the meetings were amazing, informative, and exciting to hear the truth each night or never heard this before. This is new but makes sense as it’s from the Bible, the music is beautiful and much more.  
A total of just over 2500 people in all attended both events, and to God’s glory in all 67 decisions for baptism were made, 27 of which happened right at the event, 10 of which were rebaptisms and in total, 329 decisions to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour were made. Praise God!
Both Pr. Shawn Boonstra and associate speaker Pr. Alex Rodrigues shared that the meetings were the best for visitor involvement. By the end of the series Pr. Shawn believed we could see 200 baptisms or more as a result of this harvest.   
Please continue to pray that God will continue to reach many of our guests here who are taking bible study marking classes and preparing for baptism.  
Paul Antunes