MANS In Alberta Adventist News

June 2017 - WIMTY: Levi Nepoose Read it Here


March 2017 - Leon's Third Industrial Arts Centre Read it Here


March 2017 - New Open House Format and High School Construction Showcase Progress at Mamawi Atosketan Native School Read it Here


November 2016 - WIMTY: Jeanie Spratt Read it Here


November 2016 - What Are They Seeing in MANS Read it Here


November 2016 - WIMTY: Larry Wilkins Read it Here


November 2016 - Calgary VBS Chooses MANS as Mission Project Read it Here


June 2016 - From Spark to Spade Read it Here


June 2016 - Inspirational SUPER MANS Great Things from the Grass Roots Read it Here


June 2016 - What It Means to You: Judy and Howard Gimbel Read it Here


March 2016 - MANS in Adventist Media Spotlight Read it Here


March 2016 - What It Means to You: Tashina Read it Here


March 2016 - Bibles for MANS Read it Here


December 2015 - Jeanie's Gift of Beauty Donating Intellectual Property Read it Here


December 2015 - Signing and Shining - Showing God's Love and Sharing Hope Read it Here


December 2015 - Supermans Takes Off! Read it Here


December 2015 - Total Praise Performs at GC-NAD Meetings Read it Here


September 2015 - What It Means to You: Jose Rojas Read it Here


September 2015 - The Bridge Campaign Launched Read it Here


June 2015 - Milestone Celebration Celebrates Alberta Adventist Founders and First Grade 12 Graduating Class Read it Here


March 2015 - Where Were You in 2003? Read it Here


March 2015 - NAD Selects Alberta Mission as 2015 Investment Project Read it Here


December 2014 - NAD Gives Mamawi Atosketan Native School "Academy" Status, Recommends Expansion Read it Here


September 2014 - MANS Signing Group Shares at Camp Meeting, Accepts Invitations for Fall Read it Here


June 2014 - To be a Skywalker: A Native Son Marks the Path of God's Leading with an Annual Gift Read it Here


March 2014 - Opening Doors: New First Nations Staff Model Change, Enhance Students' Perspective Read it Here


December 2013 - Mamawi Atosketan Hosts First Alumni Basketball Game Read it Here


December 2013 - Mamawi Atosketan Students Benefit from Employer's Matching Fund & Pay Blessing Forward Read it Here