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We have come a long ways since MANS offered its first high school classes in the original elementary building. So many people have worked to make the school a place where faith, love and hope can be found, and the Messenger's monthly chronicle of their contributions and the life of Mamawi Atosketan begins with the stories below.  More recent stories can be found in every issue of the Messenger Archive.


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December 2016


November 2016 - A SUPERMANS Summer - Read HERE 


September/October 2016 - MANS Groundbreaking From Spark to Spade - Read HERE


August 2016 - MANS High School Students Take Leadership in Mission Outreach - Read HERE 


July 2016 - Jeanie's Gift of Beauty - Read HERE 


June 2016 - A Better World and Teens Wade in to Stop Hunger Among Students- Read HERE 


May 2016 - Industrial Arts Creates Buzz - Read HERE 


April 2016 - MANS in Adventist Media - Read HERE 


March 2016 - MANS Students Get Active in Fundraising with SUPERMANS - Read HERE 


February 2016 - Total Praise and Burman University Raise Funds for Makwacis Church - Read HERE 


January 2016 - Total Praise Performs at NAD Meetings - Read HERE 

December 2015 - Jump in Enrollment Brings New Challenges - Read HERE 


November 2015 - What It Means To You: Jose Rojas - Read HERE 


October 2015 - Welding Camp Confirms Interest in New Industrial Arts Classroom - Read HERE 


September 2015 - The Kingdom's Pride and Joy - Read HERE 


July 2015 - Building a Future and a Hope - Read HERE 


August 2015 - MANS' First Graduating Class Accepts Responsibility - Read HERE 


June 2015 - Year-end Reflections of a MANS Teacher - Read HERE


May 2015 - MANS' First Nation Teacher Links Her Conversion & Mission to Adventist Education - Read HERE


April 2015 - Mamawi goes to British Columbia's Native Campmeeting - Read HERE


March 2015 - MANS Transforms Relationships with Cookie Ministry - Read HERE


February 2015 - Volleyball Teaches Lessons, Launches New Athletic Initiative at MANS - Read HERE